My 24-hours Tinder Project


Tinderella is a lovely sarcasm to call my projects with this particular app.  I have been craving about this entry the whole week but academic stuff has been keeping me busy as usual.  I do crazy things on various social networks all the time, to find loopholes and tricks. Some people call it “gaming the system,” I call it experimenting.  Initial feeling about being too superficial and mean vanish away as soon as you realize people is “selling” themselves just my photos, sort of if you enter the gain don’t complain about it

This time the social experiment  that was carry on last Sunday (Oct 19th) included me as well: wanted to hack Tinder and become the “hottest match of the day” which evidently I couldn’t.  Up to 161 km, 18 to 61 years old, men and women, what was a lot of time wasted just swiping right (fun fact swiped right a former elementary school classmate, had to apologize ASAP).

Got over 400 matches during those 24 hours so I had to delete my account an open a new one, because let’s admit it not only ordinary people is using it  and with the premium version to be launch in next month it might become actually useful… Because Jswipe are taking too long in launching the Android version and no way I am using an iPhone…

Once again the stereotypes came up: yes I am Costa Rican, not all latinas are married at age 26, neither looking for THE guy… and yes I can speak more than two languages, not only brazilians speak portuguese neither italians italian…

Anyway, this time “matches” were funny but still not satisfying my curiosity about changes in the ways we related.  On one side this time, as the “discovery preferences” were way broader I happen to find people that actually that online dating seriously and are not so insistent on the useless point of meeting you face-to-face ASAP.

  • Local “celebs” use Tinder! Found a national stand up comedian (Media Docena) but he didn’t swipe me right, no so funny after all LOL.
  • The pick up lines are just… nauseous, I mean do guys seriously think lines like mami, mamacita, babe, sweet babe, very gorgeous (is that even possible) will work? Or is it because the virtual interface works as shyness lub?  But talking about nausea: old school me was offered to join an eiffel (yeah had to Google) and 3,2,1 UNMATCHED dude.
  • Don’t really get why people have empty bios
  • Most men said a friend installed the app for them
  • There is really nice shy people out there, give Tinder a chance

And while I think off my next Tinder project, enjoy some of the hilarious messages I got

Screenshot_2014-10-20-16-07-56 Screenshot_2014-10-20-15-55-13 Screenshot_2014-10-20-16-08-18 Screenshot_2014-10-20-16-14-01 Screenshot_2014-10-20-16-13-19 Screenshot_2014-10-20-16-06-36 Screenshot_2014-10-20-16-13-00 Screenshot_2014-10-20-16-16-20 Screenshot_2014-10-21-23-04-35 Screenshot_2014-10-20-16-07-05



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