Insights from the Woods


Changes have been and still are the engine of my life, providing me that sense of being alive.
Changes aren’t easy specially if they come in a row.
Changes are always meant to make us better.
Changes might hurt but they make you resilient.

Nothing has ever been taken for granted but most of the time we forget that every single person has a unique view of the world,e.g. an act of solidarity to someone else can be taken personally as something  disrespectful.   But life has “a funny way” to send us (NOT SO) kind reminders on how to keep walking our personal growth path, some of them hurt, nobody said it would be easy but as I have always said: opportunities exists for those who are willing to take them.  What matters here is what we learn every day, how much love we have for others, how we become better people and overcome the obstacles (if they are meant to be overcome), hour capacity to understand and respect the different perspectives, but it is also key to forget any expectations and just enjoy the moment because, everything can change the next minute and there’s no insurance for unfulfilled expectations and broken dreams.

Apologize, make clear your points, but never expected anything in return… anyway, what’s meant to be will always find a why, an Time on it’s universal wisdom will find the opportunities for you to keep growing and why not, enlighten those around you.

Nothing is or has to be perfect so here I am, as usual, not hoping, not waiting, walking my journey alone and trying to learn as much as  I can from the life lessons, whilst giving my best personal and professionally.

So after all that there’s not much to add from being “In the Woods”… Every single day brings new opportunities to wake up and live a life well lived. Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there.



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