Thanks Mom!

It’s May 11th, Mom’s BD… Another year I can’t celebrate with her.
An admirable entrepreneur and empowered hell of a woman!

Mom’s has always been an outstanding woman who has strongly faced every single challenge she has had in life. Mom’s the ultimate example of empowerment and courage. Mom’s my hero.

On her BD I would like to thank her for:

  • Always taking care of us, always defends us.
  • Work her ass out to give us the best she cans
  • Being my #1 Fan (and special sponsor)
  • Caring about every single stupid issue I could be worried about,
  • Caring I wore a sweater, I ate enough, I couldn’t sleep well, carry an umbrella
  • Trying to understand my random ideas
  • Support me in those random projects without having a clue.
  • Making me feel special instead of awkward.
  • Caring for my looks, freaking out about my tattoo.
  • ALWAYS being eager to celebrate my birthday, far more than you want to celebrate yours.
  • Buying me the fancy stuff I wouldn’t think I deserve.
  • Still support me when I do something stupid,
  • Embrace my flaws
  • Supporting me in that “becoming a blogger project”
  • Skipping lunchs in order to be able to pay the bills.
  • Knowing my downs and give me support, without asking for it.

Inherite me your awesomeness!!!



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