What really matters… to me!

It has been over 2 months since the last time in posted something here, and the reasons are clear: I have been busy as hell!!!  And well besides the two final projects I have been working on lately, there has been lots of procrastination (I don’t really get why something so necessary has such a pejorative connotation)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking (don’t worry no terrorist attacks yet) and also doing some observations. Honestly I am not able to understand how people can go out/date with such a frequency and high rotation.  I mean it obviously demands time and the point is ok I understand most people don’t like the fact of being alone BUT, let’s be honest about the superficial and materialist way relationships are now won’t make you feel any less lonely.  The only difference is that I guess you have someone to share your loneliness with.

I reckon we all know someone who has not been single for the last  5 years and has been having relationships that last no longer than  8 months (pure observation).  So that jumping from relationship to relationship makes people even lonelier or get into miserable unhealthy relationships.

Even thought we are certainly clueless about the “right” person, pretty much of the time we know when that person facing us is not what we want neither need in our lives.  I am sure getting to know yourself deeper is key as it will help you determine within one hour to say if that person fits you.

Boyfriends, girlsfriends, the person I am dating… all those labels are for kids and teens because as adult we need partners, to join us on this amazing trip around the fun.  Only a partner will be there in the worst times, even when friends are busy, those times when life wants to test how much you can take.  And yeah happiness/misery, success/failure relay on us but we should look for a partner as someone who cares about it and share with us the joy and sometimes the tears as well.

Open Road

What really matters to me, is my happiness and it feels amazing when there’s someone cheering up for you, even without noticing they are doing it, sometimes with just simple words, refreshing as a polar breeze…



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