The Mata Hari/no longer a feminist Trip


December 28th means New Year’s Eve for me as December 29th, 2013 was the day I flew (or start the trip) to KL.  So, here a bunch of stuff, sort of recap from the last 365 days that I preffer to call trip because it is a trip around the Sun (maybe too much personal info but, that’s me, a Candy Cane Honest Mess)

The title, Mata Hari, was the funniest thing I was called this year (and have ever been called) by friend that I deeply appreciate, I guess I am good at getting info… And no I can longer consider myself a feminist as thinking of feminine and masculine reduces the scope to a binary conception, and I certainly no longer feel comfy with that as it excludes queer/third gender people and let’s face it feminine/masculine is just too old school limiting labeling … just access to equal rights for all.

It was the best year of my life (so far), I feel thankful and blessed because of the magic this year has brought into The Candy Cane Album V. 2014, for those wondering where does the Candy Cane comes from well, it is quite simple actually: sweet & a bit twisted so I guess that makes me a Candy Cane, even thought I my comments/opinions were considered insulting (not apolizing if you can’t handle me, just don’t read me, that simple)

The year started mmm a bit shocking for someone at that time calling herself a feminist, to wake up in a mostly muslim country and start a life from scratch but that’s me, accepting challenges I am not even aware of. Malaysia show me afterwards what a diverse country means and I ended up loving it.

After trying Jalan Alor food, kimchee in Gwangju was nothing… SE Asia food just confirmed the fact that I can’t live without good coffee and cheese, but also that there is no better water that the one that comes from the tub at my mom’s house, which is sort of funny considering that the house is in the slope of a volcano.

Hà Nội, the worst landing I can recall, it is no longer funny to look at a thunder storm from the plane when it has been taxiing for over an hour and the pilot and crew remain in silence for more than 30 minutes… BUT mission accomplished: non-sport/work/study related trip in 14 years.

Coming back home was not easy, as I was leaving in KL some amazing friends that I really love but I knew I was going to be ther for a short term so it was more like a Chronicle of a Death Foretold… and distance taught be some priceless life lessons, as I wrote in What happens in KL.   After waiting for a delayed aircraft in CDG, trying to talk to the most arrogant french (CDG Staff) I swore I would never go back to Paris but there where some different planes for me.

MBA thesis is still a pending issue… maybe I’ll get it done this new year, maybe not, not putting more pressure on it as I know I have given my best.

Posgrad opportunity came up and there was me flying to London and well, about a decade ago I asked my fairy godmother for it, as a way of that I would go a visit the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Medaille Miraculeuse so I had to change my mind and pay a courtesy call to my friends Gioconda and St. John the Baptist as well, at the Louvre, since Leo has asked me to


2014 has been a year of spiritual growth and enlightenment, and thanks to some amazing angels (that I normally like to call friends) I have reset my list of priorities and one I have my own definition of success, the best of it, is that nothing is written in stone.

Keep the journey… Why not? when I am having this man (my partner in crime…) singing me the Un-Birthday song every single time we meet.




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