The Kuala Lumpur Chapter

One week ago I was waiting in a lounge at the Kuala Lumpur airport aka KLIA, reading a letter from the best gift KL and life itself couple possible give me, my best friend Der Fremde, couldn’t avoid breaking down into tears… Gotta be honest, it was my first experience living with nobody but me, myself and I… the cultural shock as it is a muslim country, was unavoidable at the beginning but KL gave me invaluable friends and life lessons.

194 days 17 hours, 6.5 months, 27 weeks made up The KL Diaries.

Malaysia, a country I hated so bad during my first weeks, show me it’s different shades during my stage there and I can’t really complain about sexism there because these days back in my country have shown me it’s pretty much the same thing, which to be honest, sucks but life has to go on… Malaysia changed me in many unthinkable ways, from my optimistic biased perspective change is always good.  So, here are some things nobody told me about living alone abroad but I am glad I went through that:

  1. Show who really care: yup, that’s the number 1 issue, it shows you who really care about you and therefore, deserve to be in your life.
  2. Paperwork:  yes after two living abroad experiences, first thing I have to admit it that paperwork is pretty much the same hassle everywhere.  The FedEx guys end up knowing my middle name…
  3. Social Media: in general, social media becomes a bestie for a lifetime since it’s the only way to keep in touch with people from all over the world. Thank God there’s Skype…
  4. Do the math and the grammar: maybe that’s just me you start thinking in all the different currencies you have used and start thinking in the best grammatical structure to best communicate your ideas… which usually ends up in USD and English to keep it understandable
  5. Deal with yourself:  no matter where you go your past will always be part of you, now it’s up to you how you handle it and deal with yourself… Nobody said it would be easy but distance makes me more and more self conscious, but also distance makes me realize about other spiritual practices to enhance wellness.
  6. Life goes on: well no matter where wind takes you, life will go on with or without you… Nothing might change in a significant/radical way so, why should anyone worry about moving?
  7. Growing up is unavoidable: Growing up doesn’t mean aging but increasing your response-ability, that’s something you just learn. Moving abroad will always be part of the journey.

Love is all that matters… religions as men created structures shouldn’t separate people.
Love is all that matters…
Live to learn, learn to love!

Terima Kasih KL, pleased to meet you.



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