Tattoos of swallows have much meaning , history and visual appeal. If you like the swallows enough for you to have a tattoo , then you should know what kind of things they tell us about these beautiful animals and what they represent . Swallows are birds that have inspired many writers , poets and artists, check out these designs , history and meaning of tattoos of swallows , which are much more than just a cute tattoo.

History of tattoos of swallows
Swallows are one of the oldest tattoo designs, they were extremely popular among sailors. They were the first to adopt these birds in as tattoo designs . The story tells that  the tradition was to get a swallow tattoo for every 5,000 nautical miles that sailed well faithful that the swallows will bring them back

This belief was such that many sailors began getting tattoos before leaving on a trip , like a good luck charm in question and assured them that they return home safely . But even long before, at the time of the ancient Egyptians, and there was a strong admiration for these birds. The Egyptians believed that the swallows who were guarding the souls of the dead.

 Egyptian Sailors echoed this belief , assuming the idea that , symbolically , the swallows would be responsible for carrying their souls to heaven if they died at sea. .

Design and symbolism

One swallow singing or flying symbolizes freedom , because it is a bird and that is  the essential meaning all birds. Furthermore, the swallow is an animal has different species, even a very small swallow tattoo is really good .

The difference between swallows and other birds is that the swallow select a partner for lifetime , so once they find their soulmate they never ever separate.  Therefore is considered a symbol of eternal love. This lends itself to many messages for those who like tattoos because they are symbolize freedom, love, devotion and trust.

” One swallow does not make a summer ,” they say . Of course, a swallow does much more that summer ImagenImagen



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