Sleep with someone you would want to be


Are you aware of the responsibility that comes with choosing who you share your innermost energy? .

All intimate encounter with someone, joins you in a special way with that other person. The energies and souls intertwine and the deeper connection that is, the more energy is shared and exchanged with that person.

If you are a person who does not do any internal-self cleaning  and also if this person has been with many others and hasn’t cleaned what others have left on it, you will not only be acquiring part of his/her energy load but also you are partaking of the energies of others who commanded him/her.

Before intimate with a person remember the phrase in the title of this comment: “Sleep with someone you would want to be.”

When you join auras with someone, even if it was once in life, you are also joining karmas, energy, light , vibration , knowledge, and we also via free larvae (energy vampires we that stick to us) or negative entities as incubi or succubi , to mention only some of the many lower astral entities .

The aura, itself  has a natural defense , as the skin does, which is  what allows you to separate an auric energy body of another , even if they are in contact ; e.g. on the subway or bus, where we almost always go very tight and close to others, auras touch, but because of this intrinsic defensive quality, never mix.

In the sexual act if the aim is the opposite : the union; defenses down, the auras of two people merged and the energy mixed.

If one of the two brings crap in your auric body, the two end up sharing that crap .

When two people are separated , each one has some energy of the other, with all that entails. If someone had crap and have sex without love , lust disturbs their energies and dirt can be generated in the auras . If the other person is lusty and takes his/her lust to the extreme , may not even have a pleasurable sexual relationship because it will be meaningless.

Sex is a powerful very high spiritual vehicle , designed to remember the moment of Creation , and awakens the same primary creative forces. Such a powerful energy is like a huge beacon of light . Driven by lust , this light is distorted and can attract disturbed energy entities .

Love, however ,is an inlet of the highest energy , and makes the relationship between two people attract only blessings, protection and prevents the  energy distortion.

This is a beautiful thing when we are really in love and want to spend with this person the rest of our days, because when we love we really want to share the good and bad with our partner, but when it was just an act of pleasure, or a night , is not so nice; because just as we unite all of the above binding energy and this union lasts seven years after the last sexual intercourse. So, seven long years during which the bond is not broken, and that we keep bonded our energy and karma with everyone  with whom we have shared our bed, our space and our body energy.

This is important : sex is not bad, but what we do with it can harm or benefit us, it changes us forever.

Plus it is complicated when the chain is long, because imagine someone who has had sex with let’s say nine people ; that each had sex with three other people . Can you imagine how many karmas and energetic charge that person have… just being benevolent with the math.

When we join our energy in this way , we also give our power and vibration of life to another person, creating what was formerly called power jumpers or karmic ties . This issue is so complex, powerful and deep , it doesn’t end up in a few hours. But this knowledge will make us more aware of the lightness or depth of our actions.

Just to calm down, let me share a cure : If you find the love of your life, a deep and true love, this love is able to burn and transmute anything, becoming a healing love energy for the couple.

Harmonize your chakras, work on them and avoid fleeting couples. The ideal is to share our innermost energy with that person who loves us and whom we love, our partner, not with people we feel attracted to or people that arouse in us only physical passion .

Remember that if we share our energy with fleeting people, we do not know with who other fleeting people and energy dense we are intimating; it is best to know who and what each person carries within itself with which we engage intimately.

Human beings respond to their animal instincts (hormonal) like a moth comes closer to the incandescent light of a lamp that burns it slowly, but still lashing out without knowledge of its destiny.

Therefore the marriage rate decreases, while divorces increases ; prevail clean only those who choose to wait until they realize they are mean to be together and consider marriage or prefer to remain in the relationship without any title/religious ceremony.



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