What happens in KL…

sticks in my mammoth memory forever:

98 days out of 194, Half way through it

  • 8.294.400 seconds
  • 138.240 minutes
  • 2304 hours
  • 96 days
  • 13 weeks (rounded down)

KL has thought me invaluable lessons professional and personally, it has not been easy for the crazy feminist to get tune to a muslim country but it’s this multicultural city has been good.

It ain’t easy to live alone in a place where you basically don’t know whats gonna happen e.g. water rationing, black outs  and a crazy haze being 18000+ km away from your beloved ones… but in this part of my Journey I have meet some amazing Friends that share credit on helping me become a better person.

Distance as a self-esteem booster

Distance as resilience booster

Distance as a capacity builder

Distance reinforces bonds and shows the clearest side of the purest love

Distance as an asset for rediscovering your believes

Distance as a tool to reinforce your faith

Distance makes you realize how blessed I am as a Costa Rican citizen
Distance makes you closer to those that really matter…

Distance as a shamrock…!

the rest is still unwritten


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