The bad habit

Most of us live thinking this will last forever . That we are immortal and the misfortunes just happen to other people . We live in an ignorance that makes us weak and only regret what happened when it is too late.

And it’s that …

We have a bad habit of leaving for later , little laugh and want to do things tomorrow. We have a bad habit of missing , rather than appreciating what we have . The bad habit of not using thens and not nows . I’ll call you later, I’ll write  you later , answer you later , see you later . And obviously never called , never wrote , never answered and was never seen. We have a bad habit of wanting later. Appreciating later . Asking for pardon too soon. There should be a maximum number of pardons. Forgiveness makes us great , okay, but when you have to forgive every day,a sorry becomes the Joker for any unjustified pretext , unnecessary and undeserved excuses. We have a bad habit of neglecting to defend the bad and the good. Telling lies and having to do a master to discover truths. We keep in our life ” friends ” just because we fill our schedules with commitments that we do not really want to go. We have a bad habit of feeling bad for saying no and feeling better when saying yes .

We have a bad habit of waiting a cancer, bad news or a call saying that a  loved one left us , to take charge of our lives and begin to appreciate every sunset , getting up every morning  and each moon that you hold your pillow. We have the bad habit of using of forgetting, forgetting that small details matter , the smalls details that build great roads and every Monday, may be the best day of the week. We have a bad habit of complaining about everything, always blame others because of course , you are  perfect  and never, ever , do nothing wrong. It is always the other side. We say very few I love you and do it for the first time is like “pffff no , the person  will be panic .” Scared of what ? ? How can a person be scared about someone caring/loving them ? .

Be afraid if you ever go to bed without feeling you care about someone else.

Be afraid the day that you go to sleep without telling that person how important it is for you.

Be afraid when you do not give kisses to your mother and father.

Be afraid when you are unable to hug someone and feel that extraordinary sensation hugs produce.

Be afraid when your body ‘s defenses have become immune to others’ pain.

And when you see an injustice and you do absolutely nothing about it .

Be afraid when you spend a day without help someone.

Be afraid really, because, believe me. You are dead .


And it’ s just  that …

We have a bad habit of working too hard , lugging a backpack full of unnecessary things and eat more than our body needs . We have a bad habit of believing ourselves better than others , smoking too much and half breathing . We have a bad habit of walking the streets of our city looking down, or our mobile phone. Have you ever noticed how beautiful are the buildings of those streets that you pass every day? Not to mention the starlights .

We have the bad habit of starting the gym next week . To take care of ourselves when it is too late and take vitamins just when we are sick . We have a bad habit of believing that the hair that other woman is better than ours. That their luck is our misery  . We have a bad habit of measure ourselves by our studies or our height . Confuse beauty with thinness and believe  that we are not able to get it , because someone once made us believe so. 

We have a bad habit of signing to language classes, even when we don’t know ours. Wanting to see the world and travel as far as possible even when there are wonderful places to discover in our own land. We have a bad habit of eating animals , polluting the world and washing our cloths instead of our consciences. We have a bad habit of talking too much and listen too little . Giving advice and value judgments without being aware of the power our words can have. We leave too early and we have very little patience .  We have a bad habit of believing ourselves that we know everything . When really , we have no clue.


Too much Whatsapp, 

slept too little

and fuck little.


We spent half-life or whole life , dreaming of that perfect life that we would have. When we are really unaware that the perfect life is now. Is every moment, every second that the clock marks in your days. It is every opportunity, every smile , every kiss and every time you fall in love . Let’s fall in love with EVERY DAY OF OUR LIFE ! No barriers to put around your heart and let prejudice for those who carry funky poster written in permanent ink . 


Start getting used to this life that sometimes is hard. Terribly hard . But do not lament neither go to bed having hurt someone. Having left for then these nows that never came. Not having fulfilled that dream so much you wanted, not having done a few more miles that day because your body was tired. Do not let someone die and then remember him/her looking at the photo and tell how much you loved him . Do not let the routine or the feeling of eternity neglect what is truly important in your life .

In short , do not let the bad habit you be the guest of honor on the days you have left to live from today .

Do you want to change now or then?



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