Like any hot-blooded woman

Finally walking by myself
Walking to be alone
Walking to start missing you
Enjoying the company of myself
Time is now mine
Time is for what I want, never a nest, never a wall.
Music is my trip partner, no rush, no hurries, at my own pace

And my desires have changed,
I don’t want what I dreamed

High and sober
Confident and afraid
Enthusiastic and tired
Doubtful and faithful
Annoyed and happy
Sane and overwhelmed
Lost and hopeful
Care and careless
Everywhere and nowhere
Free and committed
Serious and friendly
Sad and laughing

I’ve spent so much time regretting what I did not understand
now I prefer to sieze the day.
No, no, no, no .. no, no, no, no .. no more mourn.

I will not bury my sorrows to hurt less
I will bring them out from the inside… near the sea so that the wind blows them.

In my loneliness hundreds of  hummed, began, unfinished thoughts…
ready, ready, ready to explode.

Thoughts that no one might ever understand… they are just for to me,
for my heart, my thoughts, for my reflection
for me.

I do not know when will I be back,
I do not know where I’ll get
I do not know what  I’ll find, neither care about it…

I have simply wanted an object to crave…



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