Inclusion, Equity and Equality. A Dream?

50 days in a federal parliamentary democracy under elective constitutional monarchy already, 52 since I left Costa Rica.

And the Honest Mess can’t avoid reality, the US was dreamland in terms of LGTBQ rights, Equality, Equity and Inclusion.  My country, not to bad to be in a developing country in Latin America, not pessimist, just realistic.   KL is KL… East is East…
I usually don’t cook, perhaps I am just too lazy, not that I can’t … but some women laughed because they think I haven’t get marry just because I don’t cook, yes they are women, just like me, one of them my age.  So, I try to explain there are many other areas to be successful in life not limited to  just becoming a wife and have kids… they thought it was a joke from the crazy “western”/”american”.
As I read somewhere: You know what scares me? not men who want to take away rights from women but women who want to take away rights from other women. Women who seriously believe themselves to be undeserving of the same rights as men. Women who have been BRAINWASHED to consider themselves second, third citizens oh wait a minute citizens?  That’s freaks me out.  But I am only an ANGRY feminist when facing ignorant, misogynistic assholes.
When it comes to religions Catholics have the Virgin Mary so it puts women in a another situation, I might be biased but I can’t really understand how women accept the fact of being cover because they are “temptation” and I used to be more sensitive on this issue but extreme attitudes just take people to extremes and when more than a 60% of the population is Muslim, things obviously get out of control on the other side of the street, literally and by that I mean that I knew prostitution was a biggie in South East Asia, but never thought it would be  what is it here nowadays…
Extremes, extremes, extremes I believe Olympism,Gender Equity, Equality an Inclusion are not just a dream, not a chimera but a daily fight, a personal aim,  and sport is just the perfect tool to achieve a better World…
And the irrelevant issue everybody has asked me about: I haven’t really had a problem with local food, sorry but it all tastes sort of the same to me it’s just HOT, to the point that Mexico is nothing… thank God there’s lasagna and Grana Padana!


Thankful and blessed I was born in a country with no army, who’s former President has won the Nobel Peace Prize and that I have had so many opportunities to truly believe another World is possible.   I won’t be able to change every single thing I don’t like but I hope my so called craziness works as an example of other lifestyles for women.


2 pensamientos en “Inclusion, Equity and Equality. A Dream?

  1. Diego Salazar

    There is so much going on in this post. Although I’m sure that I share your sentiment – I too am a very vocal feminist – I think it may be helpful to expand, or at least clarify, the subjects you’re touching upon.
    As I understand it, the genesis of your observations stems from the differences in gender equality, social inclusion, and equity between your native country, the U.S., and Malaysia. I think it’s clear that gender equality, social inclusion, and equity are all measurements of aggregated social interactions and processes. Let’s call them development indicators – in this case both social and economic.
    You bring up the point that religion has a factor to play in defining how developed those indicators are in each country, but you also touch on your frustration that women-to-women interactions are also sometimes counterproductive in advancing the same. I think it’s always helpful to remove religion out of the equation. As a side note, I’ll comment that my personal position regarding religion is closer to atheism than agnosticism but nonetheless completely void of belief in any organized religion which currently exists. Going back to my point, I don’t think that religion per se is ever the main issue. The observation that Catholics have the Virgin Mary and that therefore that affects gender-relations is mute. Religion is simply an idea. A powerful idea that can be used as a tool of oppression. What I want to point out is that the differences between the catholic dogma and Muslim doctrine should not be used to explain what can be boiled down to gender oppression. Think of all those men repressing women and you’ll realize they did not do it because of religions, they did it because they were never taught any better, and they did it because they wanted to. To me it’s a question of education. Access to education is directly tied to income and equity.
    Your example where women who you have met have disregarded the notion that they too could be successful in other areas of life is interesting, but it lacks the analysis necessary to properly understand the interaction. This especially in light of the fact that women-to-women repression is not a cause but rather a symptom of a larger issue. You shouldn’t feel angry at women who think that they’re only duty in life is to raise a family and criticize other who don’t think the same. In truth you should feel sorry that they were never taught the alternative at an early age where they truly could have appreciated their value. You should be angry at the economic status-quo in that environment, the power structures behind the decision makers, and generation upon generation of controlling men.
    I wrote this entire response because of the last sentence in the post where you narrate how you hope that your “so called craziness” is a good example for women. That’s the part of this post that I have an issue with. That idea seems… shallow. As you said, they’re already calling your crazy to begin with, so why would they ever take your lifestyle as an example? I think that if you’re going to be vocal about your feminism and desire to see significant change in society, then you should be more proactive in effecting change: both actual change (tangible things) and perceived change (people’s mindsets).
    As I said earlier, if you divorce religion from your analysis, you’ll realize that it’s all about education and income. I’m not advocating that you begin working on the street to try to solve these issues, but if you’re going to broadcast what the issue is then you want to do that as effectively as possible. Framing the issue in a correct manner is imperative if you want it go get through to people.
    Anyway, I’m only writing this because I think you and I ultimately feel the same way about the issue and I want you to stop and think about it in a deeper manner. Thanks for sharing!

  2. honestmess Autor de la entrada

    Dear Diego,
    Thanks for taking the time to read it and reply, I really appreciate your comments.

    As you can note this blog is called Honest Mess. because it’s basically that.. a messy honest way to express myself, and luckily there are readers that help me organize the “mess”.
    As I said I might be biased since I grew up Catholic but the point is that here or back in Costa Rica you just can’t separate religion, it’s roots have grown too far down societies. I am indeed, mad with the rotten patriarchy that seems to be the only globalize thing when all we need to globalize is LOVE.

    Regards from KL.



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