25 on the 25th

so it’s been 25 days here already… honest mess is back in the road.
My Uzbekistan neighbor guessed my age is 32, perhaps I seem toooo serious but in am still 25… age is just a number unless you are a cheese or part of my Reserva Chilean Pinot Noir

Anyway, on a attempt to recap my first 25 days living with no one else but me, myself and I this country has proved to be multicultural and variate. KIck off celebrating New Year at the Petronas an  Fish Spa in Pavilion.

As a feminist I can’t avoid underlining the issue of burka and women’s repression in a country where more than 60% of the people are muslim which obviously, has seriously shocked me… but you know repression also leads to random expressions and quite frankly I new prostitution was a biggie here but I would never expect teens and men on that business or a “whatever you need” room service “everything” I can need, and there are heaps of girls and boys offering “massages” in the streets… I shouldn`t be so critical coming from a developing country in Central America but reality can`t be avoid

This city has shown me it’s multiculturality but also proven that latinamericans, french and russians are the friendliest people on Earth. Now, if you ever wanna come bring no luggage or clothing, that’s super cheap and easy to get here. You can get suitcases in Chinatown and if you are into cloths Pavilion or Suria will work

The local food, that has not been an issue since I can get cheese at the grocery store even though they have no Coca Cola Zero, but the bread and cookies here are gooood. I mean, BBQ rice cookies and stuff like that. As a #cheeselover #cookielover I should remark malaysians should be proud of their bakeries and cookies, which are just GREAT, I mean I was thrilled about getting Grana Padano here.

Why so many massages/reflexology places and facials are so hard to get, well they are crazy about face whitening so you can get scrubs, mask, foam, hidrating stuff and so on in almost every corner… Asia-Pacific is something everyone should experience at least once…

Malaysians, I love the fact that most of them understands English. The Expats, got some great contacts that make it easier, as a latina, to move around KL

I guess I’ll never get used to the fact of a random guy paying for you in a restaurant, I guess it’s just waaaay too sexist. #TGIF on a saturday evening already.




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