Grateful and Blessed 2013

2013 has been a great year to keep growing and letting go what avoids further improvements. Even though there are a couple of hours to go, and more than a flew miles to be flown there have been moments that make this year #epic such as

  • living with the Johnsons,
  • beers, sledding and baking with the Paskus
  • Soccer with the Arthurs
  • Riding a bike after God knows how many years (Thanks Wendy!!!)
  • HUG my nephew after S – I – X months
  • Beat the Cameron- O’Meally twins in Just Dance
  • Ive cuenca y el pretzel en NOLA
  • My NOLA angels!
  • Home Alone in NYC
  • Wear an LGTBQ support pin in Russia
  • Play OCD Memory with Mariann and FabFab (damn sauvignon blanc)
  • Go to Mass at the Chapel inside the Almudena Cathedral
  • Gave some Salsa 101 in Kazan
  • NYC, Berlin and Rio, Gosh I must admit I really enjoyed the company of me, myself and I in those cities.

But doing the aftermath, I realized that all those planned and unplanned experiences reinforced my faith and let me grow spiritually far beyond than what I would ever expect.

Thank you 2013 for those new friends that became family, for all the lessons and for all those things that did not happen.
2014, just keep it up and I’ll do my part with God’s help and guidance.



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