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So, now I’ll give the story a little background: as the second person to take part of the NCAA’s International Relations Project to Empower Young Women I had the chance to take part on the 2013 Inclusion Forum, and it remains as one of the most enriching memories from those NCAA’s days.  When I started my internship I was interested on the Forum because Gender was one of the topics but I had no idea the way it will change many of my perceptions, the amazing people I had the chance to meet, work and share with during the event…

I must confess that I was thrilled with one of the first resources I had in my hands “NCAA Inclusion of Transgender Student-Athletes” , LGBTQ issues are a taboo in my country and this young woman comes to the NCAA’s HQ where 400+ people work and finds that they already have a policy to include Transgender Student-Athletes… felt like HEAVEN (please add the music effect). Even though, I had to face my own prejudices  when I had the amazing opportunity to work with someone who is now going through hormonal replacement therapy.

Also the NCAA´s “Champions of Respect — Inclusion of LGBTQ Student-Athletes and Staff in NCAA Programs” resources is also available, absolutely recommended

Not having a sport background  made passionate about it, the magic of sport as I like to call it: race, gender, religion, LGBTQ issues, and disability none of those matters when we are playing, makes the perfect leveled ground to achieve peace and development.

Thanks to people like Kye, for screaming to the world that change is possible.
Thanks to people like Kye we can talk about allyship and real sportpersonship.
Thanks Kye for keep inspiring people.

Now it’s our turn as true allies to support and  end homophobia, biphobia, sexism and transphobia in sports.



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